Effective leadership is a challenging process that can be mastered by exercising the corner stone of professional development on a daily bases and that is self-assessments. ASSESS THIS: The Power of Introspection for Leaders will help you through that critical skill. When conducted honestly and appropriately, it’s the gateway to your professional growth as a leader. What is self-assessment? A skill set that you routinely use to help you evaluate your day to day duties and decision making process. Learning opportunities are drawn from your daily experiences and lessons learned are reviewed or recommendations for fixes are identified. This process highlights your strengths, weaknesses and the interactions you have within your team with a thorough evaluation. Thus resulting in a higher level of self-awareness and a realistic view of how you truly are as a leader. It can be painful; however these strategies will assist you to succeed in every aspect of your professional development and your life.


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“Your legacy is determined by how well you influence others to become future leaders of tomorrow.”