Creating your legacy for the next generation. Legacy is the establishment of customs and traditions in an organization that can be passed on to future generations. As a leader, it is our duty and responsibility to uphold the legacy of those who came before us. We must hold ourselves accountable to build upon those traditions to further strengthen the climate, culture, and the organization. Leaders who gather followers need to be needed; leaders who develop leaders want to be succeeded. Many who desire to lead followers do it because how others stroke their pride and ego, they then feel indispensable. However leaders who develop leaders, work to make themselves dispensable. Their desire is not to have a following, but to create a legacy.

Influence; Every leader has the aspiration of going into an organization to make an impact and leave it better than the way they found it. Leadership legacies are derived from a leader’s day-to-day activities within the organization and how well they motivate and inspire the lives of those they lead on a consistent basis. But it’s really about us knowing our abilities as leaders and how we can better influence others in becoming better leaders for their people and the organization. We must view leadership as a gift a selfless service to others—and our primary objective when it comes to leadership is to develop future leaders of tomorrow to replace us long after we’ve been gone. I will close this with these pardoning thoughts: If we are able to influence other leaders and people in a positive way, and leave them with the feeling to succeed in life, we then start to generate and develop our successors; in return, they will do the same. That’s a true sense of a leader’s legacy. “I am someone. Who am I?”
Alexander Robert Figueroa
[email protected]