Self Discovery as a Leader, What Makes you “Unique”?


  • Does your leadership standout among the rest?

Several things to consider, we have realize at some point and time that we all are created differently and will serve a specific purpose in life. We are unique to the sense that we are not the same. There are certain qualities in a leader that tells them apart from rest.  I had to be very observant of every leader in my organization, why? Because I could learn from their style of leadership good or bad, every leader possess some type of character trait or attribute that a young leader would want to emulate. It is highly unusual for anyone to not want to be like, admired or fills the shoes of those that were successful in leading others. Everyone admires a leader who is confident, articulate, leads by example, noble and carries themselves well, compassionate, one who looks out for the well being of others. Again and you will probably read it again and again throughout this book, when you become a leader and you are in charge of someone or something it’s never about you anymore, it’s about them or that thing you are responsible for maintaining and or developing. Your primary focus is the accomplishment of your organizations mission and the welfare of those you have been charged to lead. Here is some simple advice, be yourself and believe in your purpose. Learn and grow based upon how you view things to be true within yourself as your experience different challenges throughout your leadership journey, trust in your instincts and the institutional knowledge that you’ve gained along the way. Bottom-line is this, if you take care of yourself and your people, learn from your weaknesses and build upon them, you will succeed as a leader. ~ARF

Alexander Robert Figueroa
[email protected]